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Fluxbox progress

February 21, 2007

hehe although my tutorial is not quite finish (it’s coming in the next few days I promise :P) in the mean time have another nice fluxbox screenshot, this is what my desktop looks like as of today

apps are thunar, gnome-terminal, conky. Themes are Tempura GTK and Tempura Fluxbox. The wallpaper came from




February 8, 2007

At the request of a friend of mine from the Ubuntu forums I am currently writing a tutorial on how to configure and set up fluxbox on Ubuntu edgy. Hopefully I should be finished at some point in the next week when the completed tutorial will be posted somewhere on the vastness of the internet 🙂

I hadn’t realised how much work just a simple little config howto would be so props to all the howto writers and wiki editors whose work I have previously taken for granted. thanks 😛

just a few little reminders for myself :
aleczapka-artwiz fonts (snap)
Tempura theme: a nice looking fluxbox theme that I found on (this is not dodgy 😛 it’s merely a website for people like myself who love the *box :D)

./configure --enable-kde --enable-gnome --enable-xrender